Simple things that can make the world of difference – kind of like “I wish I had thought of that or I wish I had know about them when….”

I had the pleasure of meeting Christina Tyson yesterday at the “Caring for twins or more” training day.  She is an absolute gem – bubbly, fun, down-to-earth and above all really knows her stuff when it comes to equipment for twins.  She says is like it is – what you need, what you might need and what you definitely won’t need!  Without liaising it turned out we agreed on a number of products eg Emmay bath chair support, a long long bath mat, the twin feeding pillow (my Breastfriend double or the Easy2Nurse) and baby bjorn bouncers.  However, there is so much more than I could ever know and I learnt so much from Christina as did the maternity nurses.  She offers s free consultation through Baby Concierge or if you have a voucher or are members of TAMBA, whizzing you through the showroom with ease and confidence.

So what did I learn – well, I learnt that the icandy pear’s (double one in front, one in the back) 2nd seat is a small seat and not a kiddy sized seat.  I learnt about the City Mini Select and the Moutain Buggy Duo and Duet – are all favourites of Christinas for various reasons.  I could not believe the mountain buggy, despite being a travel system and easy to move, is only as wide as a single buggy, despite being a double!

A useful bit if information was that the Ameda Lactaline expressor she felt was even better than the Medela – and the maternity nurses agreed, so I found that very helpful to pass on.

There was alot of talk around newborn head supports in the cot or moses basket – for reflux as well as head shaping.  No-one came up with any particular favourites but there is the Cocoonababy for example.   Another useful tip is the Regal changing table which can take 2 babies/infants on it at once, so you don’t need to abandon one twin while changing the other one.  Finally someone is thinking of how to make a mother of multiples lives easier!

I would recommend anyone make an appointment with Christina at Baby Concierge (see my links page for her details), for a free consultation if you can, she has a wealth of knowledge and genuinely wants to help – she told me she loves her job!