Contingency Plan


 Contingency Plan


Company: Be Ready to Parent
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Directors: Dr Ella Rachamim
Registered Address 3 Sylvan AvenueFinchley


N3 2LE

Email contact:
Telephone Contact: 07977939721
Mobile Phone: 07977939721





This contingency plan addresses the responses that must be made by the Directors of Be Ready to Parent in the event that a disaster situation has been recognised or has occurred. The processes and procedures outlined should be followed by all personnel.


The contingency planning process can basically be broken down into three simple questions:


¨       What specific threat or hazard might occur that will affect this business?

¨       What impact is this event likely to have?

¨       What can be done to prepare in terms of the response to be made and resources required



Objectives of this Plan


¨       To facilitate recovery of core business functions

¨       To minimise loss of revenue and customers

¨       To maintain public image and reputation

¨       To minimise loss of data

¨       To minimise the critical decisions to be made in a time of crisis



Potential disasters and threats


a)    Fire – loss of premises

b)    Loss of critical files

c)    Loss of IT data (computer failure or theft)

d)    Disruption to Training Events

e)    Theft of training material and teaching notes

f)     Theft of Trademark / logo

g)    Malpractice by a delegate attending a course

h)    Long-term illness of a Director





Recovery Strategies



Threat Fire – complete or partial loss of premises
Potential Impact Since the home of Dr Ella Rachamim is used both as an office and training venue any fire would have a devastation impact both upon the lives of the family as well as upon the business. A contained fire limited to one room could mean that the family would still have accommodation. However, any one who has experienced the effects of a fire will know how its effects permeate right through the building, with black soot and a pungent smell that remains for a long time afterward. 

The total loss of a home would be catastrophic for both the family and the business. Time taken by Insurance agents and loss adjusters make recovery a very slow process.

Staff member responsible Dr Ella RachamimJan Harrison
Points for consideration Since no member of the family smokes and legislation prohibits smoking by course delegates in public places, any risk of fire should be considered low. 

Notwithstanding the points already made, every step must be taken to minimise the risk of fire. Smoke detectors should be fitted on both the ground and first floor levels. Batteries should be changed as needed and alarms tested annually.

Family members should discuss beforehand escape routes and how they will respond if a fire were to break-out. Since cordless phone cannot be relied upon to make a phone call to the emergency services, alternative means to phone must be identified.


Matters directly affecting course delegates and tutors are considered under Training events, below.

Action Points a)    Smoke detectors on both the ground and first floor areasb)    Phone available to call the emergency services identified

c)    Escape routes planned

d)    Alternative accommodation identified

e)    Insurance Policy checked to ensure that it has an up-to-date valuation

f)     In the event of cancelling a training event someone should be identified to whom this can be delegated

Resources – equipment a)    Smoke Detectorsb)    Adequate Insurance cover

c)    Phone available to call emergency services

Resources – personnel a)    Jan Harrison to notify cancellation of any training eventb)    Jan Harrison to become a delegated person to handle any Training events planned within the next six months.

c)    Help with sorting through Fire damaged items and creating an inventory




Threat Loss of critical files
Potential Impact Since the home of Dr Ella Rachamim is used as an office and training venue the loss of critical files would have a significant impact upon the business. This could result from a fire or action by thieves.
Staff member responsible Dr Ella Rachamim
Points for consideration The loss of critical files can mean that information such as Insurance details, phone numbers, Client data, accounts etc. are not immediately available.
Action Points Ensure some important documents are stored on the business email account.  This will ensure that all required information is available when it is needed.This would include:

¨       Legal – copies of contracts, leases, legal and other critical correspondence

¨       Insurance – Policies

¨       Assets – a listing of all company assets – preferably with photographic evidence

¨       Financial – General and private accounts, year end financial statements (at least the previous 7 years), tax returns, bank records

¨       Other – Documents or data critical to the operation of your business

Resources – equipment  Business email account
Resources – personnel  Dr Ella Rachamim
Location (storage)




Threat Loss of IT equipment and/or Data
Potential Impact This covers critical IT data loss due to the theft of a computer (laptop) a virus corrupting files, hard disk failure, power failure, or any incident which occurs which threatens company critical data. 

Since almost all of the processes relating to the operation of Be Ready to Parent are computer related, it is apparent that loss of critical data will have a significant impact upon continuing operations of the business. This would include lists of contacts, email communication, teaching notes and company accounts.

Staff member responsible Dr Ella Rachamim
Points for consideration The theft of laptop computers remains a significant risk and every effort should be made to ensure that laptops are kept in a secure place. If carried in a motor vehicle, the laptop should be stored out of sight. 

The reliability of computers these days often creates a sense of security for information stored in this way. However computer hard-drives do fail and viruses can create havoc which in many cases will prevent access to computer files. Statistics show that 5% of computer hard-drives fail in the first year and 20% of computer hard-drives fail within 4 years. Laptop hard drives have a higher failure rate.

Action Points To minimise the risk of losing essential date whether as a result of the theft of a laptop or a hard drive failure is for regular data back-up. The back-up files should be stored ‘off site’ preferably in a fire-proof safe. 

It is noted that with regard to Training Courses run for Maternity Nurses and Professionals, the director copies Jan Harrison in to all emails. This includes details of those attending as well as correspondence with specialist tutors. This action ensures that data is stored on more than one computer and that key information is available to another person involved in these events.


Resources – equipment a)    Minimum of 1x External hard drives (two generations of data)b)    Storage off-site
Resources – personnel a)    Ella Rachamim to be responsible for data back-up
Location (storage)




Threat Disruption to Training Events
Potential Impact Training constitutes the main function of Be Ready to Parent and provides its entire financial income. Any disruption to training will have consequences for both cash-flow as well as addition expenditure being incurred. 

Tutoring for new parents and parents to be, is provided personally by Dr Ella Rachamim. Problems arising due to illness, travel disruption or other circumstances preventing parents reaching the venue will cause little difficulty since it will be a simple matter to cancel and then re-schedule another meeting. Difficulties become more significant in the event of Training Courses for Professionals where delegates and tutors will have travelled greater distances. Higher costs will have been incurred and any disruption could result in significant financial losses.


Staff member responsible Dr Ella RachamimJan Harrison
Points for consideration Training Courses are provided for both expectant Parents, new Parents as well as professionals working in the care of new babies and the support of their parents. 

Training events generally take place at the home of Ella Rachamim, who aims to provide a relaxed and comfortable venue for those delegates attending courses. Many of the courses run for about 3 hours duration and in this respect, little costs apart from time and refreshments, heating & lighting are incurred.


However training for professions constitute an all day programme and whilst these are generally located in the home of Dr Ella Rachamim, occasionally it becomes necessary to hire public halls when demand requires this.

Action Points




Key Tutors are unable to attend due to illness Consider cancellation of the course and re-schedule a new date Refunds may need to be offered if delegates cannot attend the alternative date offered
Supporting Tutors are unable to attend through illness or other circumstances Identify if another tutor can be brought-in to cover or whether the key tutors can fill-in  To maintain the standard of accreditation, any other Tutors will need to be knowledgeable in their subjects and able to present the course material.
Hired Venue is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances If time permits look for another venue otherwise cancel and re-schedule training Identify possible venues if such circumstances occur (Church Halls etc.)
Usual venue becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances Hire an alternative venue or cancel and re-schedule training
Travel disruption due to strike action or severe weather Either re-schedule or refund course fees
Catering suppliers are unable to fulfil meal requirements Visit the local supermarket to purchase sandwiches and fruit etc. Food Hygiene regulations need to be maintained
Individual cases of sickness – Delegates Identify symptoms and if a significant request that they do not attend – consider offering a place next time the course is running but usually there is no refund in less than 6 weeks notice. In order to reduce the risk of cross contamination of disease to other delegates working with small babies
If Be Ready to Parent cancels the course Full refund to all delegates or offer to re-schedule the course
If the delegate cancels for other circumstances than illness Consider offering a place next time the course is running but usually there is no refund in less than 6 weeks notice.
Resources – equipment a)    None required
Resources – personnel a)    Ella Rachamim to be responsible for Parents and Parents to be coursesb)    Jan Harrison to assist for all Professional and Maternity Nurse courses



Threat Theft of Training Material & Course Notes
Potential Impact There are a significant number of organisations providing specialist training courses mainly to Nannies and Maternity Nurses. In what is a very competitive field there is a temptation for such organisations to adapt course notes written and provided by another training establishment in an attempt to raise their standards. Proving ownership of course material is not easy unless the course has been accredited.
Staff member responsible Dr Ella Rachamim
Points for consideration In the event of the theft of course material, it may become necessary to seek legal advice and ultimately to take legal action.
Action Points a)    Ensure accreditation of all courses with a reputable bodyb)    Identify someone who can provide legal advice

c)    Check the existing insurance policy held by Be Ready to Parent to identify if it provides cover in this respect

d)    All Training notes to be clearly identified as being the Intellectual copyright of Be Ready to Parent

Resources – equipment a)    None required
Resources – personnel a)    Legal solicitor




Threat Theft of Be Ready to Parent Logo
Potential Impact The Be Ready to Parent logo has become well known and established through the internet, website and social media forums. The use of the logo by any other persons could severely compromise the very high standard of tutoring and training provided.
Staff member responsible Dr Ella Rachamim
Points for consideration If the logo is registered with the Intellectual Property Office, then this is protected legally by law and cannot be used by any other party within the UK. It needs to be recognised that this does not constitute a world wide limitation on its use. Registration can be made covering the EU, and then with individual countries.Significant costs could be incurred in using an IPO lawyer
Action Points Check that the logo is registered with the IPOConduct an occasional Internet search to identify if any other party is using the Be Ready to Parent name and logo

If necessary consult an IPO specialist lawyer


Resources – equipment a)    None required
Resources – personnel a)    IPO Lawyer




Threat Subsequent malpractice by a course delegate
Potential Impact Whilst the specialist tutors who deliver the Training Sessions by Be Ready to Parent are each professional’s in their own field, the consequence of a course delegate misunderstanding what has been said, is a risk that needs to be considered, especially since they are looking after small and vulnerable children. A one day training course does not make people into experts. It may be a very small risk, but there is always the possibility that a Maternity Nurse may act in such a way that they cause harm to a child. If this went to court, it could be that they claim that their actions were governed by what they had been taught on a Be Ready to Parent Course.The handling of this type of situation involves careful attention to legal considerations and if not handled immediately with efficiency and confidence, can ruin the company’s professional image and ability to do business.
Staff member responsible Dr Ella RachamimJan Harrison
Points for consideration The accreditation of course material should ensure that what is being taught is accurate. However what is being said and how this is heard, may be at variance and could result in a Maternity Nurse acting in a way that causes distress or harm to a child.
Action Points Ensure that all course material is accreditedMonitor that what is presented in the training sessions is correct and meets the accreditation requirements

Check Insurance cover for eventualities of Mal-practice

Homework and course assessment to ensure an understanding of each training element

Delegates Assessment paperwork to be kept for a minimum period of five years.

Resources – equipment a)    None required
Resources – personnel One staff member from Be Ready to Parent to be present at each training session:a)    Dr Ella Rachamim

b)    Jan Harrison





Threat Long-term illness by a Director
Potential Impact Be Ready to Parent is both the brain-child of Dr Ella Rachamim and at the same time she is also the driving force behind the courses that are delivered. There is no question that the quality and content of the Course material is the best available as can be measured from the feedback of Maternity Nurses form many different backgrounds and significant years of experience. The continuance of Be Ready to Parent would be severely hit in the event of a long term debilitating illness by Dr Ella Rachamim.
Staff member responsible Jan Harrison
Points for consideration Whilst the training days for professionals involve a number of different staff and tutors. The small courses arranged for new parents and parents to-be are very much organised and run by Dr Ella Rachamim. Whist it may be possible for the one day courses to continue, leadership of the parents courses constitute a different matter.
Action Points a)    Someone to be identified who could shadow Dr Ella Rachamim in her Parents courses with a view to providing cover in the event of illness by Dr Ella Rachamimb)    Someone to be identified to take over the running of the professional training days – this could possible be Jan Harrison

c)    Consideration to be given to how the income and expenditure would then be distributed

Resources – equipment a)    None required
Resources – personnel a)    Jan Harrison – professional coursesb)    Another – Parenting courses


Building information





Water – Main Hydrant Front of house on driveway under bins
Water – Main valve Front of house on driveway under bins
Gas Main valve Side of house in alleyway
Electricity – main switch Under house alarm at front of house
Electricity – Fuses Under house alarm at front of house
Hazardous Materials In cupboard (child lock) under kitchen sink Cleaning supplies / chemicals
Flammable Materials Read labels on all items
Fire Exits Front door or back door depending on site of fire

Company name & Address

Contact Telephone No

Insurance – Building Homeprotect
Insurance – Contents Homeprotect
Public Liability Cover Holistic insurers