Why I WANT to go to the dentist

So I had to go to the dentist this morning.  Although it is not usually my favourite place to go, I must admit to not being scared of the dentist.  I do not avoid it or lie awake at night worrying about it.

However, today I had to go to get a large filling. Now, I know I am to blame for perhaps eating too much of the naughty stuff and too little of the good stuff – ok, aren’t we all?  But I think, and the male dentist agreed too, that when we enter the world of motherhood we start to spend less time caring about our teeth and forget to look after ourselves and subsequently end up with more fillings! And this is certainly the case for me – statistically I have had more dental work done post the twins being born than in the preceeding 10 years before the twins.  Now, it may be age related but I think it is because:

1)      I eat less well and eat scraps of their food as well as chocolate biscuits on the run AND

2)      I, on occasion, admit to not brushing my teeth before I sometimes collapse into bed at night – shock horror – but I know I am not the only one, am I?? Please tell me I am not alone here.

So lying in the dentist chair – listening to the radio and a bit of Elton John and not the current favourite nursery rhyme “the muffin man” which has to be put on repeat in the car to stop all rioting ensuing – was actually rather enjoyable.  I was so relaxed that despite having an injection into my gum and hearing the drilling going on in my mouth – I nodded off to sleep, briefly but sleep!

One whole hour to myself at the dentist with no interruptions and then went to the toilet alone, yes alone! – was actually pleasant despite having the numb cheek afterwards and an inability to eat and drink for 3 hours!

So weighing up the options for the future:

Poor eating and teeth brushing = filling = relaxation for one hour and independent toileting


Healthy eating and strict dental hygiene = no filling = “the muffin man” and a communal toilet experience

Which would you choose?


8th August 2013


Dr Ella Rachamim, ella@bereadytoparent.com