Courses for Professionals and Parents

maternity nurse coursesWe offer a range of specialist accredited maternity nurse courses and training for childcare professionals as well as classes specifically for parents including antenatal twins preparation, paediatric first aid and weaning workshops. These are run from locations in North London and Hertfordshire as well as in parents’ own homes.

Who runs our courses?

Babycare consultant Janet Harrison, from Night Owls Agency, and I are partners on the professional maternity nurse courses. We run them together and mark the coursework together.

All our courses for parents are run by myself, Dr Rachamim – an experienced Paediatrician and Mum of 3, including twins.

Why choose our Courses?

What stands out about our professional maternity nurse courses compared to others is the high quality of speakers who are current and working in top hospitals such as Great Ormond street.  We offer skype places for overseas nurses. Our prices are reasonably priced. We have a very high standard of coursework, marking and feedback, in line with OCN credit4learning. Many of our maternity nurse training courses for healthcare professionals are accredited to level three and four through OCN Credit4Learning.

Parents expecting twins have been overwhelmingly positive about the 1:1 support they have received from Dr Ella Rachamim, antenatally, postnatally and beyond.  Ella places huge value in helping new parents navigate the NHS, parenthood and their community.  The paediatric first aid courses are always made directly relevant to the ages of your children and with practical real-life application.  Ella is also happy to run specific workshops for parents on areas they most need or to bring in expert speakers to help.  Dr Ella Rachamim has first hand experience of paediatric first aid, of having twins and of going through weaning (twice!) – so is best placed to now be helping other parents with these relevant classes.

Who attends our Courses?

We run training courses for both professionals that specialise in childcare such as maternity and night nurses, and also for child carers, au pairs or nannies. All other professionals also welcome such as health visitors, nurses, psychologists.

Paediatric first aid courses are open to expectant parents, antenatal groups as well as parents, grandparents and relatives.  Childcare professionals can also attend these courses.

Antenatal twin preparation courses are available for all parents expecting twins and weaning workshops for parents with babies under 6 months.  Click on the link below to find out more:

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Courses for childcare professionals

Big deal for us at Be Ready to Parent today! Katherine Currie was our first Learner to get a hat trick by attending all five courses and studying at the highest levels. A trophy for our superstar!



Courses for parents

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