Two half days in one! Birth Trauma/Maternal Complications and Circumcision and aftercare

Birth trauma and Maternal Complications 

Dr Rebecca Moore is a perinatal psychiatrist

Working in the NHS and privately at Keats House near London Bridge.  She offers timely and thorough one off or long term assessments for women with anxiety and depression in the postnatal period, PTSD, Birth Trauma, issues related to infertility or premenstrual syndrome. She has 20 years of experience in Psychiatry and has been a perinatal psychiatrist in London’s only outstanding NHS rated trust for the past nine years. She prides herself on providing high quality respectful and bespoke care and treatment options to every patient she works with.

 Mother shares her story eg

Laura is a thirty-something mum of one from Essex. After her son was born in 2013, she unexpectedly found herself in deep despair, battling Postnatal Depression and severe Anxiety. Now recovered, she created The Butterfly Mother as a place to share her thoughts, feelings and experiences in an attempt to help anyone else currently suffering to feel less alone.
In addition to the blog, she now works with local council and other organisations to advocate for & help develop better perinatal mental health services in Essex. She also works with Lotus Petal Family Support, and their founder Sarah Wood, who provide peer support groups for women currently suffering.
Laura also blogs on other parenthood topics so may be best to use this link instead, which is all my mental health content:

In the afternoon there is also a talk on Bris and aftercare with Mohel and GP, Dr Joshua Plaut or Dr Alan Schamroth

Program: 9.30am-4pm

9.30am: Arrival and registration

9.45am-10.45am: Maternal “medical” complications with a leading Obstetrician (usually Dr Suzanna Bennett or Dr Caroline Ovadia).

Perinatal complications ie what can happen in labour ward? Reasons for urgent delivery

Birth and Postnatal medical conditions– HELLP, Pre-eclampsia + eclampsia, Haemorrhage, Infection

Recognition, emergency treatment and follow up


10.45-1245pm: Dr Rebecca Moore, Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist with a specialist interest in Birth Trauma 

(break half way through)

What is Birth trauma?  How to recognise it and when does it happen

What is PTSD and its criteria

Effective treatments available for PTSD

Current Research

Case studies

Links with Postnatal Depression (PND)

Role of the carer, recognition, support, referral pathways, safety for family

Mother speaking to us about her experience – the speaker will vary here, previously we had eg Laura who spoke about her experience and how she then set up a forum for others,


12.45pm – 1.45pm: Lunch


145pm – 215pm:  Mother shares her story  – eg in the past have been a mother sharing her experience of birth trauma along with Janet Harrison, who was actually her birth partner at the time.  (The speakers will vary at each course) 


2.15pm – 230pm: Refreshments


230pm-4pm: Dr Alan Shamroth or Dr Joshua Plaut (GP and Mohel)

 Circumcision (brit milah) process and ceremony

Aftercare – myths and reality

Different practices within Judaism from Liberal to Orthodox


3.45-4pm – Finish, certificates and evaluations