babynizer-logoBabynizer, baby planner and maternity concierge.


Babynizer helps mums-to-be get organised before their baby arrives. From essential item picking to nursery set up, we offer a wide range of services. Luxury pre-packed hospital bags also available.

Baybiz, personal shopping for parents-to-be

I cannot recommend Hayley, who runs Baybiz jointly with her husband Adam, highly enough.  I strongly feel that expectant couples would benefit hugely from a consultation with Hayley, no question about it.  Baybiz is a shopping service offering expectant parents personalised attention for all nursery needs. Experienced staff take you through a suggested baby-shopping list, offering tailored advice on how to shop for your new baby. There is NO consultancy fee and Baybiz delivers, for free, all your nursery shopping to your door and has an unpacking and assembly service. The warehouse is situated in North London and has on-site parking. Expecting parents who attended my course wrote “I just wanted to thank you so much for your Babybiz recommendation.  We met Hayley yesterday and have ordered with her.  Having been to ……..and seen what level of service they provide, going with a smaller business with a much greater level of customer service and product knowledge was an easy decision to make!”     Email:  Tel: 020 8203 3377.

Designed For Twins

This website has not only been set up by a mum of twins but only has recommendations from parents of multiples. It is fantastically useful and up-to-date with its reviews and advice on what to buy for your twins. Email


caroline evans journalCaroline’s  Newborn Baby Daily Journal

This is a log book to help you keep a record of baby’s feeding, sleeping and day to day life. Charting these things can help you to discover and track changes in baby’s natural routine should you so wish. The journal can be a really helpful handover tool if several people are involved in looking after baby and can be useful to remind you of what has been happening when the midwife asks. It is also a lovely keepsake of  baby’s first weeks. A6 format. 100 pages.


£7 with Free p&p

RRP £7.99

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Huggle – Offering the best in baby products, baby gifts & baby classes

Rachel & Jason Heller are the founders of huggle and live in London with their 2 children, Maya & Samuel.  Following a period living in Canada, they were both impressed at how well new parents and their kids were catered for there. Great retail store environments with modern, stylish, healthy product and knowledgeable customer service with a smile that put us Brits to shame!  On returning to London with a newborn daughter they became progressively more frustrated by the array of disappointing products and services on offer. Combined with poor retail customer experiences and disappointing local activities in spaces that weren’t fit for kids, it made them determined to challenge the status quo and introduce a new approach for parents who weren’t prepared to compromise.  With 4 years research, many long hours spent sourcing new products and more than just a couple of arguments on route, they have finally embarked on the launch of huggle in London which offers the healthiest, most innovative products in nursery furniture, baby gear and more.  Tel: 020 7483 2826  Address: 8-10 Winchester Road, London NW3 3NT. Breastfeeding equipment

Baby Accessories and Equipment

4 little 1  – a wonderful company that strives to develop worthwhile medical products and equipment for babies. From personal experience with my own children, they sell the only baby nasal aspirator that works which can now be obtained on prescription. They have recently released a vapour ring that fits onto bottles, a dummy that releases a safe vapour to open up blocked noses and cold remedies. I am quite excited by their Eezimed medicine dummy, a new dummy which can also be used to give medicine through; this may be the answer for the number of parents I know who struggle to give medicine to their babies.

Syner-med were there with their new Syner-Med Veratemp thermometer, which they kindly gave me to trial. It is a non-contact infrared thermometer which they report to be as accurate as the ear thermometers but less fiddly and no ear probes needed.  I am impressed with its ease of use but am not sure it is as accurate as the ear digital thermometer – will need to be pursuaded otherwise.  I will continue to trial it and compare to my digital ear one.  Remember also an ear thermometer is too big for a newborn ear so you would need an under arm thermometer or perhaps this Syner-med thermometer if indeed it is as accurate as they claim.  Use promotional code BRP10 for 10% off.

The Cozy Shop, which makes and sells beautiful baby blankets and toys as well as a versatile and helpful cuddly nursing pillow. I can see that this pillow provides good support for your breasts and baby while nursing and, unlike other pillows, has a number of other uses.  Clare Byam-Cook who was at the Babyshow picked this nursing pillow out as her top favourite this year.

Ergo, swaddling is always a controversial issue but the ergopouch gives parents the option to swaddle or not. What I particularly liked is that unlike other swaddling products, it comes with poppers in the arms for an easy transition into a sleeping bag when your baby is ready, it converts into sleeping bag. The ergococoon gives your baby the option of sleeping arms free or tucked in. They have also developed the 2.5 tog hybrid swaddle or sleepbag if you are unsure about swaddling or not.  I really like these products as I felt they had taken into account parents wishes and worries – the products come from Australia where they are very popular.  If you phone up and order, mentioning Be Ready to Parent, they will offer a small discount on your purchases.

BigMuz, big muslins are a firm favourite of mine because of their diversity of uses; They sell sells basic muslins at very reasonable prices.  Katie has kindly offered £3 off per pack of 3 muslins if you mention Be Ready to Parent.

Aden and Anais,  if you fancy some gorgeous patterned muslins but more costly, try  The nearest place to buy them is in Mill Hill, with Annabel Passer, who kindly offers a discount. Tel. 07956162690.  Email:

Scratchsleeves, a dear friend raved on about these and so I wanted to have a look and check them out for myself; just wonderful for parents of babies with eczema, especially on the face, who are faced with sleepless nights because of the itching-scratching cycle of eczema. They are truely ingenious and a miracle for distraught parents and children. Of course, the story behind all of these things is usually a personal one, and the parents who run this company had a son with horrible and red raw infantile eczema and went on to develop something that actually works. It is made of silk on the hands and it virtually resistant to being pulled off! Tel: +44 (0)1962 890210 Email:

Buggy Pitstop, I saw a facebook advert and then got a recommendation for “Buggy Pitstop” and I wished I had known about it before, what a marvellous ides, they are a pushchair repair and cleaning company and so far I have only heard good things. They also sell second hand pushchairs as well and stock all the common brands.  Tel. 0208 166 5744 and 0792 1480 574 .

The Spotty Dinosaur, I saw a facebook recommendation for this new venture and wanted to check it out.  Its a really simple but clever idea.  You bring them your things and they try to sell them, through various methods including their little shop based on their farm. You take 60% of everything made and they take 40%.  They price everything for you and tag it all, so all of the effort is taken out of your hands.  They do only have limited space for large items and so are only advertising those items at the moment.

myHospitalBag is a large, stylish bag packed with over 35 products for mummy and baby, with all the essentials for pre and post labour, along with a few nice extras.  Karen who runs myHospitalBag kindly got in touch with me about her exciting business and I must admit to loving the concept.  It does take the stress out of what to pack on the day and is also a lovely gift idea.  myHospitalBag hopes to make the 48 hour stay in hospital a little more comfortable and there are 5 different colours to choose from, and thank goodness there is also one for twins! It costs £85 (£110 for the twin one) including delivery and Karen has worked out that it is a cheaper and more convenient way of being prepared than buying all the items separately.   Tel.  07958 910288    Email:

Happydays children’s clothing sells Retro style children’s clothes, toys and gifts age 0-8 years.  Lisa who runs it is passionate about her business and goes the extra mile to make sure her customers are happy.  Tel. 07792 832430   Email: