Internal Quality Assurance Strategy

Internal Quality Assurance Strategy


1. The IQA sampling plan will be reviewed each year or when required during the year.

Problem units or any standardisation processes will be discussed and considered when

constructing each yearly plan.


2. The IQA sampling plan will cover the following factors:


  • All candidates
  • All assessors
  • All methods of assessment
  • All occupational areas/types of evidence
  • All records


3. The sampling plan will also detail the method of IQA selected for each candidate for each

subject area/ qualification. E.g. observation, portfolio sampling (electronic and paper). The

percentage of each method used will be determined by risk.


4. The units sampled will be mandatory units from each qualification. (If applicable to the qualifications being delivered)


5. IQA interviews will take place as a supplementary IQA method only throughout the year

and will take place periodically. The decision to undertaken IQA interviews will be made by

relevant person responsible for quality in the centre.


9. The IQA sampling may increase if there are concerns around the practice of an assessor

which has been identified during the quality sampling, reviews, feedback or any other areas

where concerns are highlighted as a risk.


10. An IQA observation plan will detail frequency of IQA observations for each assessor and

record actual dates observation was carried out. This will be monitored in accordance with

the risk management sampling strategy detailed above.


11. The person responsible for quality will monitor the sampling plans and sent out

quarterly reports on progress, achievement and trends.


12. All assessment tasks will be sampled by the IQA PRIOR to them being issued to

candidates. This pre-verification check will ensure that all our assessments are fit for

purpose, valid, appropriate for the level and qualification and do not disadvantage any

groups of learners or individuals.


13. An audit trail of IQA must be easily identified. All IQAs must complete required records.


14. All internal quality assurers will be expected to carry out the following activities:

  • Attend standardisation meetings and external training
  • Induct new assessors if needed
  • Mentor assessors if required
  • Observe assessors according to the IQA observation plan
  • Contribute to EQA meetings


15. All internal quality assurers should meet the listed criteria in the IQA strategies for the

occupational area they are sampling on.





1. Standardisation takes place regularly for each qualification and occupational area, which

involves both assessors and IQAs and focuses on identified development areas.


2. There will be regular monitoring of specific methods of assessment (in line with TAQA

standards) throughout the year to identify development areas for assessors. Results from

these will be discussed with the assessor during monthly reviews and action points set if





1. All learners are registered with the awarding organisation in accordance with the awarding organisation’s minimum requirements.

2. All learners will receive their certificates once the Awarding Organisation has released the certification. (By Post or email, within 2 weeks (During periods of BeReadytoParent closure and staff annual leave the 2 week timescale for sending certificates to learners commences from the first day of the re-opening of the company after a period of closure and the tutors return to work from annual leave)


Written 26/7/15

The policies are subject to review on a 12 monthly basis