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Antenatal classes

All About Babies

All About Babies supports parents through workshops and courses based on up-to-date, trusted information and guidance in North-West London & Hertfordshire.

As a mum I know first hand how rewarding, tiring, exciting and utterly confusing life with a baby can be. Finding the time to cut through the cloud of conflicting advice seems impossible. Our antenatal and postnatal workshops aim to do the hard work for you. We give clear unbiased advice based on research from trusted sources. At Allaboutbabies we believe that a confident and supported parent = a happy and calm baby.

Mobile: 0781 366 0916

Health visiting – antenatal and postnatal support

Esther Power, Specialist Nurse Practitioner (Paediatric Nurse, Health Visitor, Educator)

I have worked in the NHS for nearly 30 years, in both clinical and non-clinical positions.  Most recently I have worked across London sites as a Health Visitor, and Health Visitor Practice Teacher.  As many of you may already recognise the services provided by the NHS have changed over recent years and resources as such are focused on what is perceived as the most vulnerable issues, with Safeguarding always taking priority.  
My service is designed to work alongside the current provision of the NHS.  I aim to deliver a holistic, accessible service, based on YOUR needs,  be this a one off appointment to discuss a specific concern, or a full service package covering the first year of your baby’s life.  Esther can help with anything from breastfeeding to weaning to sleep to well-being support to infant development.   Tel.: 07966149482    Skype Beyond-Birth     Email:



Birth and labour supportCarole Murray is a hypnotherapist who offers hypo-birthing sessions. She is very experienced and is recommended by Leor Okrent, Osteopath and friends. Contact details: 020 8922 5652 or 07748 292824


Naomi Joffe – Postnatal Doula, Breastfeeding Counsellor and Home Organiser.

naomi joffe pic2We spend so much time preparing and planning for the birth, we hardly give a thought to what will happen afterwards.  So often, parents are surprised and shocked about the effect having a baby has on every aspect of their life, and the first weeks of their baby’s life pass in a haze, without them being able to appreciate how special this time is.

If only we had the experience and knowledge with the first baby that we do with our subsequent children, we would enjoy it so much more!

Having a doula around during those early days can give you that experience and knowledge so you and your baby can have the lovely, bonding time getting to know each other without so much stress and worry.

Calm, experienced and non-judgemental support is so helpful during this time. I will spend time with you as you learn how to be a mother (or mother of more than one child), guiding and reassuring.

As a trained breastfeeding counsellor, I can also help you through issues and challenges which you may face as you and your baby learn this amazing skill.

So that you can spend time feeding and being with your baby, I can do basic tidying, prepare simple meals, load the washing machine etc. I will be there so you can have a sleep without keeping one ear constantly listening for the baby. I can accompany you on your first shopping trip with the baby, or to a baby clinic or GP appointment.

I can also help you prepare your home before the baby arrives. Pregnant women often get a nesting instinct before the birth, but are too tired and big to do much about it! I love helping to organize and declutter so that you can bring your baby into a welcoming, calm space.

Email:  Tel: 07887 482870

Alison Grunwald is a Doula UK Recognised birth and postnatal Doula.

alison grunwald

Alison is also a volunteer breastfeeding supporter at the Royal Free Hospital and has many  years’ experience supporting new families.
Her clients may be young first-time mums or well into their forties, and give birth in birth centres, hospitals or at home.
Alison serves a wide area in and around North West London and travels to the RFH, UCH, Barnet, St Mary’s, Watford, Chelsea and Westminster and Queen Charlottes Hospital. She always puts the care of mums and dads first and is non-judgemental. She guides them in writing a strong Birth Plan which will be taken into account by their medical care-givers. Above all they will be very well informed and understand the choices they can make.
If you are simply looking for postnatal help she is happy to help at home in any way that is useful as well as showing and explaining how to care for your new baby.  Alison will pop out to the shops, prepare food and sort out laundry, or just be a willing ear.
She is married with four children, twins Rachel and David, and Becky and Jonny.  She has seven precious grandchildren who keep her young!
Alison sometimes teams up with her doula colleague, Nina Forman, and they enjoy working together.
If you would like to meet Alison for a (free) interview or just phone for a chat, please find her details, plus strong client feedback on her website:    Tel: 07831 468634

Nina Forman is a Doula UK Recognised birth and postnatal Doula.

Nina lives with her husband and three teenage children in North London.  She has been a doula for 6 years and is approaching her 50th birth.  Nina has always been interested in childbirth and babies and worked as a family therapist before pursuing her real passion, which is supporting parents through the special period of pregnancy, labour and first few weeks with a newborn.  She supports women and their partners, enabling them to achieve the birth they wish for, be it on labour ward, birth centre or at home.  She aims to meet with couples several times before the birth so they are comfortable with eachother and to ensure they feel prepared and informed for their labour.  Nina attends the birth and stays with Mum until the baby is safely in her hands. Doulas do not work shifts so Nina provides continuity of care with someone the Mother has got to know during her pregnancy. Once baby has been born postnatal visits can include help with the first bath, breast-feeding or any other issues that may arise.  Testimonial; “Nina knew how to engage with the medical staff in a professional and helpful way. Having Nina as a doula, was a fantastic experience. I would highly recommend her to other expecting women.”
Please feel free to give Nina a call to arrange a non-chargeable first meeting: or call 07940583983

Seema Barua, Birth and Postnatal doula, PG Dip MBACP   seema barua


Seema barua photo

My name is Seema, a qualified therapist and a Birth and Post natal doula in East London and Essex. Doulas provide emotional, mental, and physical support before, during, and after labour and delivery. Quite simply a woman who supports the mother when she goes in to labour and stays until baby is born and settled with mummy. Including in this wonderful birth support service is Antenatal and Post Natal Sessions. I also support women in working through birth trauma, to process previous births and can accompany you to appointments and separate Post natal Services. I also hold a free to attend Positive Birth Movement antenatal group here at my home in Rainham, Essex. The group connects pregnant women together to share stories, expertise and positivity about childbirth. The aim is to challenge the negativity and fear that surrounds modern birth, and help change birth for the better.I’m a mother myself, so I completely understand how pregnancy starts to shape your hopes, fears and expectations of the birth and beyond, and how important it is to get all the information and support you need. As a trained birth doula, my job is to help you explore all of your pain relief,environmental, delivery , bonding and postnatal options – when we work together, you’ll have unlimited access to my support, knowledge and friendship, with all the encouragement,reassurance and help you need to give your birth story the happiest ending possible. This ‘holistic’approach to birth and the subsequent support that you may be unable to find elsewhere has been proven to calm birthing mothers and help mum, baby and the rest of the family settle into their new life and routine much more quickly. I have 13 years of experience working in the Health and Social field, with PTSD, trauma, depression and complex needs for both men and women. I speak fluent Hindi and Punjabi and am DBS checked.  I am a member of Doula UK.       Tel: 07581410015

Kasia Slazak, is a birth and postnatal Doula in North London,

Kasia also offers pregnancy massage, infant massage classes and birth trauma healing.  Tel: 07944064969


Janine Chapman is a Postnatal Doula.

She has helped a number of families, including those with multiples and siblings.  Janine came recommended from a friend with twins and an older child who could not have managed without Janine and spoke very highly of her experience and kindness.  Janine loves having the opportunity to help and support a family to get off to a good start and get the best from family life.  She describes her role as a postnatal doula as someone who “nurtures the mother and provides practical and emotional support to a new family in their own home helping to ease the transition to parenthood & boosting confidence.”  Recent work includes taking over the care of the babies (feeding, changing, washing and settling) while mum catches up on sleep, playing with and reading to the toddler, unloading dishwasher/ tumble dryer, sterilising bottles, chatting to mum about any concerns or worries & boosting her confidence, accompanying the family to baby/ toddler groups, basically whatever helps mum best, even preparing a light meal, do the ironing and running the Hoover around if needed!  She supports families in Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage and the surrounding villages.  She is registered with Doula UK and nurturing birth, whom she trained with.  Her contact details are 07710 838091 and email:


Mars Lord is a birth and postnatal doula

She specialises in twins but works with singleton mums too.  She is a mother of five including having her own set of twins.  She is a Doula UK mentor.   She is registered with Doula UK (  Tel. 07767348462.