Helpful Resources and Reading Material

Useful resources

Cry-sis offers support for families with excessively crying, sleepless and demanding babies. It runs a national telephone helpline that is available to callers every day of the year between 9.00am and 10.00pm. Callers are referred to a trained volunteer member of Cry-sis who has had personal experience of crying or sleep problems within their own family. Tel: 08451 228 669.

Fathers reaching out and provide support for fathers – after all fathers also can get postnatal depression and also suffer greatly if their parners have PND. A father whose wife had PND has set up his own website and support for fathers, I have been able to talk to him and he is passionate about information for families,


Octopus for a Preemie UK.

We are a group of people who crochet and knit little octopuses and jellyfish to comfort babies who decided to come into the world a little earlier than expected.

To the premature baby, our carefully made octopus’s tentacles feel like their mother’s umbilical cord. Comforting the baby and reducing the risk of the little one pulling the medical bits and bobs they may need and potentially cause serious problems for them.

We are a team of UK volunteers brought together by coordinators who make sure the octopuses are just right for premature babies and give them to our ever-increasing number of hospitals we supply.

Our octopuses and jellyfish really help our babies and parents through their first days of life. We would love you to join us and help in any way you can.

From picking up the crochet hook to getting involved in some other way we would love to hear from you.

Join us all at our Facebook Group here.


Mother Ship by Francesca Segal

The pages of Mother Ship are filled with love, anguish, despair and hope in the face of adversity. As a memoir, it is both insightful and moving; as a diary of 56 days in neonatal care, it is an exquisitely written paean to motherhood


Caring for your baby in the Neonatal Unit A parent’s handbook

By Inga Warren and Cherry Bond It gives you information that will help you get to know your baby and to care for them during their time in hospital




A: The Old Surgery, 15a Station Road, Epping, CM16 4HG

ParentChum provides an online destination where parents can go to chat, get support and advice, make new friends and join a community group of mums and dads. Sometimes family life can get too much and people need a helping hand along the way…and that’s ok.


Sharing an in-depth online resource created to help parents keep their child’s education on track even during this pandemic.

Back To School After Lockdown – Tips From An NHS Psychologist with Dr Vivian Chen

Vivian has 14 years of experience as a doctor in the UK. She trained in internal medicine and dermatology in London before moving into Family Practice so that she can combine work with caring for her kids.

She has two kids with severe food allergies. Through her kids, she has a developed a special interest in allergy and nutrition. She strongly believes that food “is” medicine, and is passionate about healing the body through nutrition. She has a holistic approach that involves natural remedies, nutrition, in combination with western scientific medicine. Her blog shares her knowledge and experience.


Information about the safety of medicines in pregnancy.


Trampolines can be both enjoyable and safe however there are over 100,000 trampoline injuries each year in the US alone. As a responsible review website, we’ve put together a guide which covers all aspects of trampoline safety. Here’s the link

The Essential Baby Care Guide

4 DVD Complete Guide demonstrates everything you need to know to look after your baby in their vital first 12 months. The guide is comprehensive and covers Sleep, First Aid & Accident Prevention, Feeding and Care & Development over the 4 DVDs.  I am in regular contact with Diana Hill, co-creator of The Essential Parent company, and share her passion for preparing and empowering parents.  The DVDs are well-researched, informative and evidence based. The professionals that are used, including Professor Winston who narrates them, are top experts in their field. Type in the code “bereadytoparent” at the online basket for a reduced price.

Best Beginnings

This website was set up by a mother to radically improve the health of all babies across the UK.  It is full of easy to read, practical information on pregnancy, birth and parenthood and has some fantastic DVDs on breastfeeding (which your midwife may have copies of and can give to you or you can buy online) and more.

Family Lives

Formerly known as parentline plus, Family Lives is the UK’s largest parenting charity and runs a 24 hour free phoneline 7 days a week providing help and support for all aspects of family life 0808 800 2222.

The Couple Connection

An online ‘do it yourself’ relationship support service, helping parents to work on their relationships themselves. The site provides a wide range of articles, self-assessment tools, activities, quizzes and exercises to help couples and parents improve and strengthen their relationship.

The Parent Connection

The Parent Connection is a free online service developed by relationships charity OnePlusOne to help separating and separated parents with a range of issues. Developed with mediators and family lawyers, it helps parents manage emotions better and gives them the skills and practical tools needed to create successful care arrangements after separation.

Toddler Eating and Support

Free reading material from the Department of Health:

health visitor the pregnancy book The Pregnancy Book” a publication by the Department of Health.  The book details all aspects of maternity care, provides in-depth support, useful contact information and advice on rights and benefits. The Pregnancy Book is a complete guide to a healthy pregnancy, labour and childbirth and the first weeks with a new baby.

NHS Birth to Five“Birth to Five”  is also produced by the DoH.  The book gives parents information on becoming a parent, taking care of yourself and your child and finding practical help and support.  It also introduces the Healthy Child Programme for the first years of life, and explains issues like immunisation, development, behaviour and feeding.  It should provide an additional resource to the advice from your midwife and health visitor.

These are now both available online from the DoH, but no longer available in print.


Other Books

The following books are written by paediatric consultants, who work in North London and I have personally worked with.  Both books are well written and informative.

  • Your baby month by month by Dr Su Laurent
  • Your baby week by week by Dr Caroline Fertleman
Your Baby Week by Week Dr Caroline FertlemanYour Baby Month by Month Dr Su Laurent