Assessment Malpractice Policy

Assessment Malpractice Policy


This policy summarises the management of assessment malpractice within BeReadytoParent:


  1. Malpractice involves those acts which undermine the integrity and validity of assessment, the certification of qualifications and/ or damage the authority of those conducting the assessment and certification.


  1. BeReadytoParent does not tolerate actions or attempted actions of malpractice by learners or assessors/tutors.


  1. As an approved Centre, BeReadytoParent must be vigilant regarding assessment malpractice and will deal with this in an open and fair manner.


  1. The person responsible for quality will supervise investigations resulting from allegations of malpractice and will inform learners and centre staff suspected of malpractice of their rights and responsibilities.


  1. Awarding Organisations reserve the right to withhold the issuing of certificates while an investigation into malpractice is in progress.


Learner Malpractice:

This may include:

  • Copying others work – The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own is knows as plagiarism.
  • Pretending to be someone else
  • Fabrication of evidence
  • Altering certificates


Centre Staff Malpractice:

This may include:

  • Producing falsified witness statements
  • Misusing conditions for special learner requirements
  • Failing to keep learner files & data secure
  • Fraudulent assessment
  • Fraudulent certificate claims
  • Falsifying records


Malpractice discovered by the Centre:


1. Episodes of malpractice, including plagiarism, will not be tolerated by BeReadytoParent, and will be reported to the relevant awarding organisation. BeReadytoParent will follow the instruction from the awarding organisation with regards how they would like the investigation to take place and the evidence required.


2. BeReadytoParent will inform an individual they feel has been involved in malpractice in

writing, making the individual aware of the possible consequences should malpractice be



3. The individual will be given the opportunity to respond, preferably in writing, to the

allegations made.


4. BeReadytoParent will also inform the individual of the appeal procedure should a

judgment be made against them.


5. Individuals who are deemed to have undertaken malpractice will fall under the BeReadytoParent disciplinary procedure and disciplinary proceedings will be initiated.


6. Depending on the outcome of investigations by the awarding organisation, certificates

may be recalled and declared invalid.


Written 9/9/15

The policies are subject to review on a 12 monthly basis – Next review 26/7/16