Appeals Procedure

Appeals Procedure


1: If an occasion should arise when you are not satisfied with the assessor’s judgment of your competence during the assessment process, or if you feel that an opportunity for assessment is being denied, you should initially discuss this with your Assessor.

2: If the problem cannot be resolved, the Internal Quality Assurer at BeReadytoParent will address the problem. Every learner is assigned an Internal Quality Assurer (IQA). This request to the IQA must be done formally and in writing.

3. The Internal Quality Assurer must look into your problem and respond to you within 7 working days.

4: If the Internal Quality Assurer cannot resolve the situation this should be referred to the External Quality Assurer at OCN Credit4Learning to offer independent advice. This will be done by the relevant person who is responsible for quality within the centre. You will receive a response within 14 working days.

5: In unresolved cases, the External Quality Assurer may refer this back to the Awarding Organisation with whom you are registered. If, after following both BeReadytoParent and the Awarding Organisation’s processes, you are not satisfied by the outcome you can escalate your issue to the appropriate regulator. All appeals must be clearly documented by the person responsible for quality assurance at the centre and will be made available to the External Quality Assurer or Awarding Organisation if advice is required. Should occasions arise when BeReadytoParent is not satisfied with any aspect of the External Quality Assurance process, BeReadytoParent will contact the Awarding Organisation Quality Standards department.


Written 26/7/15

The policies are subject to review on a 12 monthly basis – Next review 26/7/16