We can but try!   Coffee, wine and cheese – how much can you have in pregnancy?

The Recovery Letters is a blog which addresses letters of support to those suffering with depression, written by people who are recovering from it. They asked me to write one, and I’ve shared it as my latest blog post. If you or anyone or you know suffers with PND or any kind of mental illness, I hope this helps.”One day soon you’ll notice a beautiful flower, or laugh at a joke, or sing along to something. Little by little, you WILL get better. Because you, as much as anyone, deserve happiness. You are worthy of love, of kindness and of compassion.”
A lovely article on being a parent – a show solving all our kids sleep issues apparently

MENINGITIS B VACCINE   Please read+sign up so all children can get it. This is an amazing discovery.

Premature Babies’ Charity Bliss

Vitamin D

Medical apps – is this the way forward?

Antenatal depression support call

My GP’s first question: ‘Do you want to keep it?’


Breastfeeding boom in the UK as well-off older mothers lead the way


It can be upsetting and stressful when your child won’t eat, but try not to panic. Keep an eye on the foods he does consume and that they contain all the major food groups – carbohydrates, dairy, protein, fruit and vegetables.

If you’re concerned he’s really not getting enough nutrients or doesn’t seem to be growing or putting on weight, talk to your GP.

This article has some great tips.