Dr Ella Rachamin

Here’s what our attendees thought of our Caring for Twins or More, Sleep and Postnatal Depression training days

Recent comments from the maternity nurses who participated

Testimonials“Great to have people who are actively involved in the field and who are able to present real life cases and examples…informal and interactive, excellent presenters and the resources are superb.

The presentation and enthusiasm of Ella and Jan was very motivating, thrilled to have been offered a place.”

“You all work so hard to present informative, engaging and thought provoking courses that encourage personal growth and professional development. Thank you.”

“I would love to do more courses with you”



The Sleep training course is] an excellent course to add to your training hours. There are very few courses I recommend and you will find this a valuable course to attend.” Rozanne Hay, IACSC UK respresentative.


I would like to thank you for the excellent training day that you had put together. I found the training insightful, in particular Dr Hugh Selsick’s morning session being very informative. I would like for us to see how we can best take the expertise and knowledge provided by yourselves and disseminate the training to our pool of volunteers and staff.  Trupti Kavia, Operations Manager, Home-Start Barnet & Harrow.


“Dear Ella and Janet,

I would personally like to thank you for just an amazing study day

Please feel free to put this on your website

1.It had the perfect balance of scientific  base and research along with the most important personal practice sessions

  1. the other delegates also had a wealth of experience to add the final touches to one of the best study days I have attended
  2. methods of tried and tested sleep training, the pros and cons were excellent with discussions
  3. the lecture by DR Hugh Selsick at the beginning set the platform for a very enjoyable and hugely rewarding learning. It was just amazing.

I have learnt so much and would recommend this to all neonatologists who take care of children till 5 years and all paediatricians.

Congratulations on putting up such an amazingly interactive day filled with learning.”

Dr Nikila PANDYA, Consultant Paediatrician, Maidstone and Tunbridge wells NHs Trust, Maidstone hospital.

Paula Prosser- Five certificates at Level 4 Accreditation. We are super proud of you – your work was such a high standard and showed a huge amount of learning, research, experience and time. We hope you enjoyed coming as much as we enjoy teaching.

“Superb…Really enjoyed the course…Look forward to seeing you on the next course..”

Excellent lunch thank you“Excellent lunch, thankyou for taking such good care of us!”

“Looking forward to the next training session”

“Everything was relevant and well explained… Brilliant”

“It was worth it 100%!”

“Very friendly and welcoming..liked the fact it was a small group…we’ve been looked after really well and thankyou for the material to keep”

“Perfect…relaxed atmosphere…everything was absolutely relevant and great teaching”

“Please organise more…great experience!”

They are all happy to be contacted directly if you want to know more about the course from someone who attended. Contact me for their details.


Expecting More Than One Antenatal course – 1 day course and Private 1:1 sessions

Recent comments from the expectant parents who participated

“Thank you Ella! We had a lovely time with you and the other couples.
The session was really helpful and informative and we have really come out with lots of positive thoughts and a lot more confident.
We will have a look through all the material you gave us and look at the videos/articles you showed us.
Thanks for the the tips and passion you put into today’s course.”
“Thank you so much for a great day today. There is so much to take in but you made it accessible and relevant and to the point. I feel, and I am sure [my wife] does, much calmer having received all the great advice and tips. Sometimes it can feel like one is alone in this great endeavour with all the new things to take on aboard. I feel less like that now.” (An expectant father of twins who attended).
“Well-organised, really good value for money and would definitely recommend course to a friend.”

“Homework actually useful (not sure I would ever have said I wanted homework!).”

“Maternity nurse was very helpful, lots of opportunities for questions.”

“Food and hospitality was great”

“Lots of practical tips from twin experts/mums, very exhaustive and informal. All Lovely!”

“Very friendly and informal, it was nice to be in a personal home which made it even more friendly, plenty of food!”

“The resources were very detailed and the information very interesting.”

“The information supplied was invaluable, great value for money and would definitely recommend to a friend.”

“We enjoyed every aspect of the course.”

They are all happy to be contacted directly if you want to know more about the course from someone who attended. Contact me for their details.


Paediatric first aid courses

Tonight I went to a First Aid Course run by Ella Rachamim.  I’ve been in a few courses over the years but this has been by far the most comfortable and informative one yet. Ella has such a huge wealth of knowledge. She was so easy to be with which meant we were able to ask all the questions we wanted however silly.

Ella , you were fantastic – made everything so clear and didn’t leave feeling stressed like I normally do after first aid courses !

Thanks so much. Really refreshed my knowledge. Will be sure to recommend you to others.


Antenatal course (2012-2014)

Recent comments from the expectant parents who participated

“Having just finished this course I can thoroughly recommend it – it includes lots of advice both around giving birth and also for afterwards such as feeding, sleeping, physiotherapy exercises, first aid etc. Also includes info on resources to go to should any problems arise. Ella brings in lots of people who are all experts in their fields. If you are looking for a practical helpful course to prepare you for both birth and parenthood then this is the one for you!”
“Parents often tell you that when they first get their little one home from the hospital they look at them and think ‘Oh my gosh, what do I do now?’ We didn’t have that. Ella prepared us and we knew our roles, so when we arrived home, we took ……out of his car seat and the three of us just danced.”

“We’ve just finished Antenatal classes with Ella and I thought I’d shout about it because it was really helpful. She brings in experts on each topic and the great feedback she received from fathers-to-be… that was my hubby who feels a lot more prepared for what Bubs and I will throw at him! If you want more detailed info if you’re thinking about antenatal classes, shout and I’ll happily tell you why I recommend her over the other options I looked at and have heard about.”

Drawing a breast at the breastfeeding session
Drawing a breast at the breastfeeding session


And postnatally I received this wonderful personalised message “Hi Ella.  Thank you for helping my mummy and daddy get through a tough 25.5 hours knowing so much about how the process works. Can’t wait for you to meet all 7lb 7oz of me ;).”

They are all happy to be contacted directly if you want to know more about the course from someone who attended. Contact me for their details.