Baby and Child consultant and sleep trainer, Janet Harrison

Janet Harrison Baby and Child ConsultantSleep trainer and troubleshooter for any problem large or small. She is sensible, experienced, sensitive and trustworthy. Jan is a NNEB qualified nursery nurse and has been working in the field of childcare for the past 25 years including working in day nurseries, boarding schools and pre-schools as well as refugee camps and orphanages.

Jan has also been a maternity nurse and night nurse for over 10 years. Jan gives practical advice on all aspects of childcare from newborn through to 5 years; areas such as weaning, setting up good routines for single babies and twins, dealing with sibling rivalry, encouraging a baby to sleep through the night and advising on coping with toddler behaviour. Jan’s list of parents she has helped is continuously growing, and she always receives positive feedback wherever she goes.  Jan offers one-to-one consultations and ongoing support until the issues are resolved, she also can come to your home and work with you at night to encourage your baby to sleep through the night.

Recent clients have said “I do not know what I would have done without her – she kept me sane and gave me peace of mind” and “she was AMAZING… Kind, helpful, warm and simply wonderful …. That one day was so reassuring to me, as was the knowledge that once a client of Jan’s, always a client.”  You can contact Jan on 07801570282.  She also runs a small maternity nurse agency, Night Owls,

Night Owls is a small personal agency, run by our very own Janet Harrison and her husband Phil Hendy, with a fantastic team of live-in maternity nurses, night maternity nurses and trouble shooters.  They are  involved in our training for maternity nurses.   +44 1923 254452

Child Sleep Works, Maryanne Taylor

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, I now live in North London with my husband and 3 young children.  Having had a baby with severe reflux which caused significant sleep problems for some time, I understand first-hand how a lack of sleep can impact on the whole family! From this point, I started to develop a keen interest in sleep issues in children, and eventually decided my career path definitely lay in helping other tired families get the sleep they need.

I became a Gentle Sleep Coach,  training under Kim West (The Sleep Lady®) in the US.  I have also completed advanced training with the International Maternity Institute to become a Certified Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant.  I am a member of the British Sleep Society and the International Association for Sleep Consultants.  As well as seeing client, I also deliver many sleep workshops and talks; write articles about children’s sleep, and am a regular contributor on various social media sites.

I believe that encouraging a child to learn the skill of falling asleep independently and the ability to resettle themselves to sleep is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child (and themselves!).  Each family’s requirements are different when it comes to sleep coaching, not least because all children are different and sleep problems can be caused by any number of issues at any stage of childhood.  Through care, love and gentle methods, I work with parents to help their child – and indeed themselves – get the sleep they need.  Tel: 07760 252750   Email:   Web:

Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic

Millpond Teach Your Child to SleepThe highly acclaimed Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic has a 97% success rate in resolving children’s sleep problems from babies to pre-teens. They use well-recognized fully researched techniques endorsed by professionals around the world. Millpond does not adhere to any one particular technique, believing that the solution to a sleep problem must take into account individual family’s needs and expectations. Their tailor-made approach is sympathetic rather than prescriptive and always has the child at its centre.

All the team are qualified health professionals with many years experience helping families solve their children’s sleep problems. Millpond’s book “Teach Your Child to Sleep” published by Hamlyn is now available.  As a first step to a good night’s sleep, call Millpond on: (+44) (0) 20 8444 0040 or visit

Sleeping Babies

Sleeping babiesSleeping Babies is a small personal agency with a fantastic team of live-in maternity nurses, night maternity nurses and trouble shooters who work throughout the UK and the world.  I personally used this agency and found them very professional and supportive as well as knowledgeable.  The maternity nurse who helped me when the twins were 8 weeks old was exactly right.  020 8420 7117.


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