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Help support Be Ready To Parent Twins: The First Year by Louise Brown and Ella Rachamim


As you ALL know Ella and I have been writing our twin book for a few years and now is the time to make it a reality – with your help.
We’ve just launched our Unbound crowd funding page to get our book into the market. We’ve got £5,500 to raise over the next few months and then the book will be on the shelves within a few months.
So this is a request for you to back our book and help it get in the world. It’s the book I felt was really needed – helping multiple parents feel able to cope – or that it’s ok not to feel able to cope! I was so lucky to have Ella as my twin buddy and co-author – expertise and lots of laughs – I wanted to share that experience! And we’ve had so many wonderful twin parents share their stories with us, we’ve really rounded out the book covering so many aspects, we’re really proud – and already have some great reviews!
We know it’s not really a coffee table book you can show off to friends and that some of the pledges are not at all useful to you – which is why they can ALL be gifted to parents of multiples you know OR who couldn’t afford support otherwise – we’ll arrange via local twins groups and contacts at hospitals and Homestart. So you can back us and know you’ve done a brilliant thing!
We would be so grateful for any support you can give us, the book and multiple parents!
Lots of love
Louise and Ella
Why Unbound?
Unbound “flip” the publishing making us do some hard work in crowd-funding and guaranteeing sales up front before printing and distributing (also via Amazon and other online stores).
Then they also give us a much better deal on royalties from the book which also means more money – hopefully – going to Homestart – who we’ll be sharing 10% of our profits with.