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    My journey with three under three (including twins)

    Vitamins, Vaccines and Vitality

    Is follow-on milk really necessary?

    Mummy’s day out – Why I want to go to the dentist

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  • Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events

     Sleep in children and Sleep Training (level 3 and 4) – Saturday 5th November
    Reflux and Allergies (Accredited Level 3 and 4)- Saturday 18th October 2017 in Radlett
    Private consultations for those expecting twins (1st and 2nd timers) at any time
    Contact me to organise a paediatric first aid course for you
    Contact me for dates of any One day “Expecting twins or more” (1st + 2nd Timers)
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  • Testimonials


    Courses run by Dr Ella Rachamim and Janne Harrison, Babycare Consultant, along with invited speakers

    “Perfect. Relaxed atmosphere. Everything was absolutely relevant and great teaching”

    “Everything was relevant and well explained… Brilliant”

    “I think your service/offering is just amazing. 
    I really appreciated your expertise, thoroughness, knowledge and practical approach, as well as the pack of stuff you left me with. I feel much clearer on what I need to focus on and prioritise.” Mother Expecting twins
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  • Unique courses

    Unique courses

    Run by Dr Ella Rachamim, supported by a team of experienced professionals including:

    A breastfeeding counsellor, a midwife, a babycare consultant and a women’s physio.

    Our courses offer realistic expectations, with practical advice, of pregnancy, birth and parenting


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  • Expecting Twins?

    Expecting Twins?

    Expecting Twins or More – Group one day courses or private 3 hour consultations

    First and Second Timers welcome and program adapted

    DVD and full resource pack to take home.  Twin and professional support organised.

    Private consultations also offered

    “There was something so very personal about having a specialist in my home.”

    “I particularly liked Ella’s personal/tailored approach – i.e. what would be best for me – and Ella’s flexibility on timing was really appreciated.”

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Looking for breastfeeding help?

Looking for breastfeeding help?

Our useful links can put you in touch with childcare professionals to help with breastfeeding and much more.

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Training for Childcarers

Training for Childcarers

We also run courses for those involved in working with parents of twins or mums with PND.

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What makes our courses unique?

What makes our courses unique?

My paediatric experience and network of childcare professionals ensure you get support from the best possible team.

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Be Ready To ParentBe Ready to Parent provides practical training for parents and parents-to-be. It is run by Dr Ella Rachamim, Paediatrician and Mother of three (including twins). Find out more about Dr Rachamim.