Simple things that can make the world of difference – kind of like “I wish I had thought of that or I wish I had know about them when….”

A dear friend raved on about and so I wanted to have a look and check them out for myself; just wonderful for parents of babies with eczema, especially on the face, who are faced with sleepless nights because of the itching-scratching cycle of eczema.  They are truely ingenious and a miracle for distraught parents and children.  Of course, the story behind all of these things is usually a personal one, and the parents who run this company had a son with horrible and red raw infantile eczema and went on to develop something that actually works.  It is made of silk on the hands and it virtually resistant to being pulled off!  Tel: +44 (0)1962 890210  Email:
I saw a facebook advert and then got a recommendation for “Buggy Pitstop” and I wished I had known about it before, what a marvellous ides, they are a pushchair repair and cleaning company and so far I have only heard good things.  They also sell second hand pushchairs as well and stock all the common brands.  Tel. 0208 166 5744 and 0792 1480 574.